This collection was forged during lockdown, when stages were dark and I had no concerts to capture. The intense challenge was meant to narrow the creative band so dramatically that predetermined visions of a subject would fall away, encouraging new perspectives that break through technical "rules" and subconscious biases to unlock one's true creativity.
The Challenge: Capture 500 Distinct Images of an Apple. One Subject, One Fixed Focal Length Lens, One Light Source, and One Location, with No Breaks, No Research, and No Editing.
All images were captured with a desk lamp, a black marble countertop, a vintage 1980 Olympics edition Jupiter 37A lens (135mm f/3.5), and my Fujifilm X-T3. Like the film photography the Jupiter lens was originally built for, every frame remains unaltered - Straight-Out-Of-Camera.
The full results of the exercise were culled to a presentable 50 frames - Frame #500 won the challenge.
What remains in the absence of external variability?

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