Polarity. The pandemic emphasized ends and opposites - from the Safety of our Homes to the Danger of the Outside, to the Physical Distance between Humans and the increased Connectivity between Communities. Isolating and Unifying, all at once. Observing and Participating. Peacefully Protesting. 
These images were borne of the same technical challenge as ‘Photographer’s DNA,’ with the addition of my lack of experience & comfort with actively photographing a person. Done with one of my best friends in the heat of June 2021, the process was as Comfortably Uncomfortable as the conversations we’d been having for the past year. Taken at the Lincoln Memorial, these images individually stand on their own - as does the subject, Colin. They show a man Alone, but we made them Together. Polarity.
These are merely snapshots of a story as old as the marble they were framed with. A portrait of a man, or a portrait of us all? History is not Comfortable. Addressing that History is our Monumental Task.
Model: Colin Gbolie, friend & founder of the delicious Diamond Doughnuts.

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